So Fresh & So Clean-Wash Day Routine

Natalie Scott of LearntoLoveCurls is back with another juicy two parter. This time she takes the sh** fits out of washday and breaks it down from start to finish. Thank us later.

Wash day used to be like a fairy tale ending. We had the whole weekend to ourselves so plenty of time on our hands. It wasn’t a big deal what day I washed their hair – but Sunday was my favourite day. It did used to be Sunday until they started swimming lessons on a Friday; I didn’t want to leave their hair too long after swimming (because of chlorine an all) so it soon switched over to Saturday, and then of course Saturday suddenly turned into the busiest day of week - seeing family, friends and me needing to run a million errands. I may sound fussy but time is important when it comes to wash day; especially when it is the colder time of year and the last thing I want to be doing is taking the girls out in the freezing cold with wet hair.

My other pet hate on wash day is the car seats. It takes the girls hair (mainly Eva’s) like 4-5 hours to be totally dry and it really isn’t an ideal situation to take them out in the car with wet/damp her. Letting them rub their head around in the car seat pointing out tractors and aeroplanes and potentially falling asleep is a disaster waiting to happen – this is the main reason why the girls get frizzy hair.  So when I’ve washed their hair we avoid car seats by all costs. Even if their hair is slightly dry, we’re walking 15 miles to nanny’s house! ;)

So now, as the girls are getting older and seem to be taking on more hobbies and play dates/parties, I kinda squeeze in washing their hair wheneve, but it’s usually the weekend when we have more time, I’m not working and they aren’t at preschool.

Having time is the most important thing, you don’t want to have to rush the whole process and stress everyone out, plus it gives you time to apply product slowly and evenly and style as you please – especially if their hair is going into a protective style.

Our wash routine always starts off with the words “I’m going to wash your hair today”. Yep, as soon as they open their eyes in the morning, I’m there with my comb and clips, in their face, ready! I’m not that bad but I do pre warn them. It’s good to say to your child the night before or in the morning that you’ll be washing their hair. Sounds OTT but I’ve found with my two whenever I don’t pre warn them, war kicks off.