Competition Time: It's All In The Mix

We had the pleasure of catching up with Bradley Lincon the founder of charity and new UK hair product Mix-d- as he sets out to find the face of the new product. 

Just under two years ago when the idea for Yindi Curls was born we needed some support. We were on to something great, but was it the right time? And more importantly could it support the ever growing mixed community in the UK? 

When your starting something new, no matter how big or small support and advice can be invaluable. 

The universe clearly heard our brains ticking over, because a few days after having scribbled ideas down on the back of a tatty brown envelope, we came across Mix-d: the social enterprise researching all things mixed-race and it's owner Bradley Lincon. Within a matter of days of reaching out, we had found someone that could offer the answers to our initial questions. 

Through their professional packs for teachers, facilitators, mentors and professional carers, Mix-d: (pronounced mixed) encourages young people to engage constructively with their identities, and enables them to develop positive racial literacy.

But now social researcher Bradley is ready to add to the Mix-d: repertoire and take the UK curly hair product scene by storm. Mix-d: are looking for one male and one female from a ‘mixed’ background, to be the face and hair representatives for their new product range.

"I like solving problems. My daughters, their friends, and family members have struggled for many years to find a suitable hair care product for their curly-mixed hair." says Bradley.

"So, I got together with a focus group, talented chemist and a manufacturer to develop Mix-d: Hair. A unisex product specifically formulated for mixed and curly hair. And it works."

"We are looking for individuals who celebrate their mix, short, big, curly or wavy hair."

Lucky winners will not only be crowned the face of Mix-d: Hair, but win a years supply of the products and act as ambassador for the brand.

Bradley wanted to address the following issues when it came to hair products in the current curly hair market in the UK:

1. Results. I wanted to create a unisex product which would keep hair conditioned and was suitable for loose-open or tight-dense curls.

2. Availability. I wanted to develop a product that was easily recognisable on the shelf, available on the high street and online. 

3. Price. I wanted to create a good quality product at a good price.

So enough of our rambling, to be in with a chance of winning here's all the info you need: 

Competition Rules:

  1. Male and Female - no previous experience required. Everyday people!!
  2. Mixed-race. Deal breaker, all have to be mixed-race, any mix!!
  3. Aged 16–24.
  4. Mixed, Short, Big, Wavy and / or all Curly hair is welcome.
  5. Height is not an issues. This is all about the hair.

 "We want to represent ‘everyday’ people. If you are unsure about applying - give it a try anyway" says Lincon

Just like we needed the support with Yindi make history and help develop a brand you can be proud to support too.

Deadline for entries: 1st July 2017

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