In this neatly packaged two parter yummy mummy and curl aficionado Natalie Scott of Learn to Love Curls reminisces over her curly hair journey with daughters Eva and Isla.  

Part II...

For the first six months we used basic products found in our local Afro Caribbean hair shop. Our product selection was very limited. I only bought what I thought existed, basic high street products that seemed to have the reverse affect on the girls hair making it dry, sticky and frizzy, everything you don’t want for curly hair! I had no idea there was this whole other world out there for curly hair and endless brands solely formulated for curls. Before our product shelf was introduced to better products, I would only shop at the hair shop down the road. My first time there was...interesting. There was choice, yes, a choice between two or three products. I managed to find something but it never seemed to work the way I wanted it to. It wasn’t until a very good friend of mine introduced me to SheaMoisture that I could ditch our products and start experimenting with more natural products. She was kind enough to give us a fresh tub of the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I felt like I was holding a pot of gold. I was so excited to try it out on their hair. The tub itself looked appealing but inside the scent and consistency was just heavenly!

Shea Moisture was the eye opener for me, instantly I saw a big change in the way Eva’s hair felt and looked. It was then when our hair journey really began. I remember the evening I sat down once the girls were in bed and tapped into Youtube, I searched ‘How to use Shea Moisture’ and as cliché as it sounds, I was blown away! So much came up, so many tutorials and with each video I clicked on came another new product. With it came a feeling of excitement and relief. I must’ve spent a good couple of hours that evening researching products and where to buy them from and that was it for me, I knew I wanted to adapt the pride for curly hair and really make the most of what’s out there and available to curly heads. 

We grew a collection quickly and I was defiantly turning into a product junkie. We had so much fun playing around with new products and every time one would come in the post, I would hand it to the girls to open and they really started to appreciate them. They had high expectations though and every time something would come in the post, they would jump around shouting “NEW PRODUCTS! NEW PRODUCTS!”

Like parenting, curly hair doesn’t come with the handbook everyone talks about. I figured out quickly what not to use; how to use, when to use and so on. I could type one thing on Youtube, and a hundred things would come up.  I found so many hair bloggers, and natural hair icons that shared all their tips and product recommendations and I was starting to learn so much.

I researched everything: products, techniques, ingredients, tools, natural oils and homemade recipes for sprays and conditioners. I feel it’s so important to know what I am putting onto my daughters’ hair and giving them healthy hair as well as healthy bodies and minds. I figured I needed to know all this stuff if I want them to grow up and take the reins when they’re at the age to do so.  

Without even realising I found myself giving tips and advice to other parents. Wherever we went, preschool, playgroup, the park and even the supermarket, we were always approached and complimented on how lovely the girls’ hair looked. Almost every time, it was from another parent who had a curly kid. They asked me how I managed to get their hair to look so shiny and soft and what I products I was using. I came to learn quickly that a lot of parents/carers found it really hard to manage their child’s curls and that they had absolutely no idea on what products to buy and where to get them from. I really wanted to be able to share as much advice and information as I could but there’s only so much you can cram into a couple of sentences when you’re tight for time! The idea popped up to use Instagram as a platform to share my knowledge. I started ‘Learntolovecurls’ as a simple, but very detailed page for tips and product recommendations. I feel very passionate about sharing what I know with other parents and to help guide them to all the information out there available to curly heads!

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