Learn To Love Curls- Hair Journey PT I


In this neatly packaged two parter yummy mummy and curl aficionado Natalie Scott of Learn to Love Curls reminisces over her curly hair journey with daughters Eva and Isla.  

Part I... 

When I think about how our hair journey started, it takes me back to when I found out I was pregnant. From that moment onwards, amongst all the feelings and thoughts of mothers-to-be, the one thought that would fly around my head, almost every day, was what my children’s hair would be like. When we fell pregnant it was inevitable our children were going to inherit my partner’s Afro hair, but it was a question how ‘curly’ it would be!

The love for curly hair was always there. Once or twice, or maybe three times lol, I had a perm. I was in my teens. My mum tried to talk me out of it and would tell me about her perm in the 80’s. She was clearly very embarrassed by it, but I didn’t understand why? Why would you be embarrassed about having curly hair and then of course I saw the pictures! It wasn’t quite like the perm I was going for - I had loose ringlets put into my hair and I absolutely loved it! It really damaged my hair so I let it grow out and went ‘natural’ – back to my boring straight hair.

I grew up with a couple of friend who had curly hair, but I would never have known they had naturally curly hair because they would straighten it all the time and chemically relax it. I didn’t see it as a big deal and thought it was cool to be able to permanently straighten your hair, just like I did with my hair to make it curly, but I don’t want this for my daughters; curly hair is so beautiful and I think you’re really lucky if your naturally curly.

When my eldest daughter (Eva) was born, like most mixed race children she was born with a full head of hair, but it wasn’t curly like I imagined! I would wash it down in the bath with a soft sponge and watch the little hairs at the bottom of her head crinkle.  I knew the curls were there, but something had to happen first – it needed to grow!

We had a slow 15 months and even after her hair started to grow, it was more like a soft, wispy fluff ball – nor straight, nor curly. It was difficult to style because there wasn’t much to it, and getting a 15 month old to sit still for longer than 30 seconds was just impossible! So, she would get a shower of water over her head each morning and a dollop of leave-in conditioner and that was our routine.

I started to experiment with her hair when she reached about 2 years old. Her hair had finally grasped its curl type, and it was clear what products I needed to look for to suit her hair texture. Then along came Isla, another curly head to think about! Isla has the same routine as her sister did, her hair is still very much at the awkward stage and no matter what I do to it before bed, she will always wake up with a big ball of frizz on her head. So, Isla gets a shower of water over her head each morning and a dollop of leave-in conditioner and off we go!

Prioritising their hair around work, preschool, playgroups, swimming, ballet, trips to the park and everything else that comes with being a parent, has proven to be... difficult! But, we’ve managed – together - to establish a happy, consistent hair routine. I’ve always felt it’s important for the girls to have well-managed and styled hair but most importantly - healthy hair! I want them to grow up loving their curls and steer clear of straighteners, texturizers and relaxers.

Already, Eva (3) loves her curls. She loves to admire the selection of products we’ve collected and enjoys applying her conditioner in the bath. She’ll twiddle her hair around her finger and make plaits (more like twists, but she thinks it’s a plait J) She knows the importance of caring for her hair and understands the daily/weekly routines. It all pays off when she gets complimented on her hair and it’s so heart-warming to watch her little face light up and knowing her self-love is growing  - which is what it’s all about!

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